Xijiao State Guest Hotel

Shanghai Xijiao hotel is located in the southwestern corner of Shanghai, adjacent to HongQiao Business Center CBD and HongQiao airport transportation hub, is a very rich culture, legends, permanent buildings and deep history here.

Hotel in 1200 acres, nearly 530,000 square meters of the vast gardens waterfront landscape, charm and offers guests a unique visual treat in Shanghai, redefining luxury Garden guesthouse, the unique mood and atmosphere.

249 exquisite and elegant, luxurious rooms in different styles, comprehensive user-friendly design for guests to create comfortable and tranquil stay, always elegant and warm;Vast gardens water-front views, many in high-star hotel second to none.Park scenery, beautiful plants everywhere, more than 800 more than the old wood and unusual travel is the legendary paradise, paradise real representation;Building construction within the hotel nestled in the midst of a tight-knit, Tsui Lam, scattered, simple and quiet, reserved.Pillow between mountains and water, River, built in Jiahe, Lake, clear Lake Ming Xiu, light and graceful bridges, quiet Woods, are condensed here's unique charm.